SlangOnline Network

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Business Name SlangOnline Network
Business Type Radio show, Online portal and Community Forum
Location Cairo, Egypt
Date Created April 2004
Web Address

The World of Slang is the official website for Slang, Unlimited, Thursday AM on FM and So Close No Matter How Far radio shows on Egypt FM, where You will find latest news about the shows and announcements from SlangOnline forum.

In addition to being the official portal for the radio shows network, SlangOnline offered over more than 5 years an online community for the fans and listeners of the station. With almost quarter a million of posts in the forum, SlangOnline assured its excellence in the field.

  • Online Portal for the Radio Show
  • Online forum with diverse categories and discussion areas
  • Sub sites for other radio shows
  • Online-On air chat for the SlangOnline competition
  • Recorded Episodes download
  • Photo Gallery
  • Design’s Capital designed the logo and branding material for the network
  • Invision Power Board 1.3 was used for the online forum
  • Joomla CMS was used for the website
  • RSS Feeds

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