Uptown Magazine

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Business Name Uptown Magazine
Business Type Online Magazine
Location Alexandria, Egypt
Date Created July 2007
Web Address www.Uptownmag.net

Uptown E-Magzine was an online Magazine for all age groups, featuring amateur writers selected from the magazine’s readers. With an online forum and contact forms, the magazine proved to improve the reader-write relationship, with slick, up-to-date articles, and youth beats. 

The magazine features plenty of sections like:

  • Lets Get Trendy
  • Love and Relationships
  • TechiEz
  • Musica
  • Movies
  • Politica
  • Sports
  • Think Deep
  • Poetry
  • Magazine Design
  • Feedback forums and contact forms
  • Dynamic updating system for editors and writers
  • Design’s Capital designed the logo and branding material for the Magazine
  • Joomla CMS was used for the website
  • Social Media Marketing was included on Facebook through groups and pages
  • RSS Feeds

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