FZ Consulting Office

FZ Consulting Office

Business Name Fayez Zaki Consulting Ltd.
Business Type Engineering Consulting Office
Location Alexandria, Egypt
Date Created September 2009
Web Address www.FZConsult.com

The Consulting Engineering Office (Consulting Engineering Office for Coastal Engineering & Shore Protection and Harbors Design ) have consistent experience and know-how in the following fields:

  • Marine and Port Engineering, Modeling (mathematical and physical) for study of hydrodynamic aspects
  • International coding and technical specifications; Cost estimates
  • Construction Planning; Tender Documentation; Works Supervision.
Mail Access

Mail Access

Business Name Mail Access
Business Type Mail box rental and mail services
Location San Francisco, CA – USA
Date Created June 2008
Web Address www.Mail-Access.us

Mail Access provides the service of picking up your belonging that needs to be packed and shipped. and offers you 3 different mailbox types for rentals with many services accompanied, other services include:

  • Mailbox Rental
  • Packaging & Packing
  • Shipping & Tracking
  • Pick-Up
  • and Other Services
ICOM Group

ICOM Group

Business Name ICOM Group
Business Type Organization and Marketing Center
Location Alexandria, Egypt
Date Created July 2007
Web Address www.IcomGroup.org

ICOM specialized in :

  1. Conferences and Meetings Organisation.
  2. Medical Marketing.
  3. Scientific and AudioVisual equipments rent.
  4. Designing – Printing.
  5. Human Resources
  6. Marketing Research.
Uptown Magazine

Uptown Magazine

Business Name Uptown Magazine
Business Type Online Magazine
Location Alexandria, Egypt
Date Created July 2007
Web Address www.Uptownmag.net

Uptown E-Magzine was an online Magazine for all age groups, featuring amateur writers selected from the magazine’s readers. With an online forum and contact forms, the magazine proved to improve the reader-write relationship, with slick, up-to-date articles, and youth beats. 

The magazine features plenty of sections like:

  • Lets Get Trendy
  • Love and Relationships
  • TechiEz
  • Musica
  • Movies
  • Politica
  • Sports
  • Think Deep
  • Poetry
Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes

Business Name Through my Eyes
Business Type Creative writing blog
Location Global
Date Created March 2006
Web Address www.SlangOnline.com/throughmyeyes

Through My Eyes is a very simple blog-like writing portfolio for writings by Amir El Meligy, under the slogan “The same old world … Through my eyes”

Excel Travel

Excel Travel

Business Name Excel Travel
Business Type Tourism Company
Location Cairo, Egypt
Date Created July 2006
Web Address
Currently Offline

The official website for Excel Travel and Tourism company – Egypt, The website was created back in 2006, together with the header logo flash, but currently another company re-designed it.